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Copernit offers complete waterproofing solutions

Complete solutions
Italian Patent for Infinity PRO ROAD!
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Polymer-bitumen and ancillary membranes
A comprehensive offer

Copernit produces a vast assortment of traditional APP plastomeric and SBS elastomeric membranes, as well as high quality APAO / POCB elasto-plastomeric membranes or membranes with the exclusive MFT Multi-Flex Technology, combining three separate compounds within a single membrane thickness. Waterproofing membranes for specific applications or destinations of use are also available, such as self-adhering membranes; membranes for water vapour control or resistant to external fire; anti-root membranes, just to name a few.
A comprehensive product assortment to cover all waterproofing needs ... and more.

Reliable and durable waterproofing systems

Copernit produces exclusively polymer-modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing membranes; the bituminous compounds contain only prime grade polymers for excellent resistance to weathering and UV deterioration, to ensure a reliable and long lasting waterproofing function.

A high versatility of use

Copernit products are designed for all main waterproofing destinations of use (flat, pitched, industrial roofs; terraces and roof gardens; foundations, tunnels and road works) and for use on all substrates (concrete, timber, metal, old bituminous layers, insulation layers). They are ideal for single- or multi-layer systems, exposed or under heavy protection, and are designed for new as well as for refurbishment works.

Excellent mechanical properties

Carriers provide support and shape structure to the rolls as well as mechanical properties such as tensile strength, resistance to tear, dimensional stability, elasticity and elongation. Copernit makes use only of the best types of carriers available on the market that are carefully selected to conform with the performance requirements of various standards of quality.

Respect for the environment and man

Eco-sustainability and low environmental impact for a production that has respect for man and for the environment through:

  • the use of recycled or reclaimed raw materials;
  • non-stop investments for state of the art efficiency of all disposal devices and systems, including a sophisticated central abatement unit with activated carbon filters for an effective emissions control function;
  • the recovery and reuse of most of its production waste;
  • the production of recyclable goods designed for a long useful life.

Copernit supports and promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.

Designed for all seasons

Copernit membranes are made with compounds that are fine-tuned to the season of use or to the ambient conditions of the country of destination. The Copernit range of products includes also multi-seasonal products that are designed for optimal installation during any season.

Quick and easy installation

Installation works with Copernit membranes are simple and fast, even at low ambient temperatures, as a direct result of the excellent flexibility and adhesion properties of their polymer-modified compounds. Copernit membranes are mostly designed for installation with the use of a propane torch, however several types are designed to be installed mechanically with fasteners or cold applied with selected adhesives or mastics.
Copernit also manufacturers an extensive range of self-adhering membranes as well as membranes with thermo-adhesive strips for partial bonding and reduced gas consumption and burner noise.

High customization and fast response time

Copernit has a customer oriented company philosophy based on building a partnership relation with its customers that translates into a high degree of product customization, according to individual specific needs, with fast order processing times between 7 and 10 days.

State-of-the-art research, development and technology

All Copernit membranes are designed by Copernit Lab, the heart and centre of the company’s product development, with cutting-edge equipment and staffed by a highly trained and specialised Research Team. Constantly committed to finding new solutions and perfecting existing ones, Copernit Lab is committed to finding new and improved solutions, to meet various customer needs and also to anticipate the roofing and waterproofing solutions for the future.

Made in Italy

Copernit manufacturers all products exclusively at its Italian premises, guaranteeing consistency of quality with the use of prime and highly performing raw materials.

Complete systems

Not just polymer-bitumen membranes. Liquid products, thermo-acoustic insulation, Copertherm multi-layers, shingles, profiled metal roofing sheets and a wide range of accessories: Copernit offers comprehensive systems to meet the needs of the building industry.

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Company profile

In over forty years of activity COPERNIT has acquired in-depth knowledge and expertise in the production and supply of roofing cladding and waterproofing systems.

Copernit products are well-known, appreciated and used with confidence by technicians, designers and final users in more than 60 countries worldwide thanks to consistently high standards of quality during production, a corporate culture for customer satisfaction and a truly global service.

Copernit membranes and waterproofing systems can be used in a variety of applications and will withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Copernit offers a comprehensive range of accessories and of parts to ensure the highest standards of quality. It also offers its clients an excellent service that includes but is not limited to:

  • accurate control of all production processes;
  • a high degree of product customization;
  • a dedicated and competent Customer Service and technical advice to provide best possible technical solutions to specific problems and timely processing of orders.