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Copernit @ Asphaltica 2023
Thanks to the numerous visitors!

Thanks to the many visitors who joined us at Asphaltica, the international asphalt industry exhibition - Sustainable solutions and technologies for road paving and infrastructures.

People gave a positive feedback about the innovative EXTRA BRIDGE range - waterproofing membranes for concrete road works - and the PRO ROAD range - waterproofing geo-composite membranes for the reinforcement of asphalt pavements.

A large audience attended the workshop “EXTRA BRIDGE PROJECT”, organized by Copernit in collaboration with Professor Francesco Canestrari, from Università Politecnica delle Marche. Professor Canestrari illustrated the innovative EXTRA BRIDGE research and development project and the performance of bitumen-polymer membranes in relation to the critical issues concerning the structural conditions of bridges, viaducts and concrete box elements.