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A new photovoltaic system for an environmental-friendly production

Starting from June 2021, Copernit’s brand new 430 kW photovoltaic system, built with the latest generation of solar panels, has become operative at its Pegognaga production plant.

With this new accomplishment, Copernit reaches an important, consistent with its corporate Environmental Plan, reaffirming its commitment for an eco-sustainable production that is respectful of both the environment and the territory.

Thanks to this new photovoltaic system, energy is generated at 0 km.
In fact, Copernit will now produce independently part of its energy needs and will operate mostly off-grid.

The 1,263 340 Wp photovoltaic modules, covering an area of ​​approximately 9,000 square meters, have a nominal output of 538 MWh / annum.
With the use of clean and renewable energy, as an alternative to non-renewable and polluting energy, Copernit will cut its annual emissions of CO2 by no less than 130tons, which is equivalent to planting 6,300 new trees every year.

By purchasing Copernit roofing and waterproofing systems, you have the opportunity to make a highly responsible, and also a very convenient, choice for high quality products that are eco-sustainable and have a low environmental impact.

We all have an increasing number of opportunities to make the right choices in favour of the environment in which we live. Copernit is reaffirming these choices on a daily basis, together with its customers.