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Very Smart Working!

The MFT range expands further with the introduction of the new innovative MFT TECH multilayer membranes produced with Multi-Flex Technology, that combines the advantages of APAO membranes with those of SBS membranes, all in a single product.

MFT TECH membranes have three different compounds: APAO on the upper face, SBS on the lower face and a special compound in the middle to ensure total compatibility between the different layers.

The superior, lightweight and highly flexible SBS compound on the lower side ensures an even greater ease and speed of installation, whereas the high grade APAO-modified compound on the top side ensures an excellent weather resistance and a long life of the waterproofing system.

MFT TECH membranes incorporate a heavy duty carrier of spunbond polyester stabilized with glass yarns, that offers high mechanical properties combined with excellent dimensional stability values.

The TEX fabric liner of the smooth surfaced version allows for greater cleanliness and precision during works and is a ready-to-receive surface for any required protective or decorative coatings.

MFT TECH membranes are available in both smooth and mineralized versions, MFT TECH 4.0 mm and MFT TECH MINERAL 4.0 mm.